Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

Crown Ducal by Charlotte Rhead

An exhibition of tube lined pottery designed by Charlotte Rhead for the Crown Ducal Ware brand at A.G. Richardson. Plus, images of patterns, backstamps, facsimile signatures, pottery shapes and reference information. Also general Crown Ducal pattern information.

Crown Ducal Snow Glaze Tableware and Decorative Pottery A 52 page book about the known and as yet undiscovered snow glaze designs on fancies and tableware. Produced to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the British Industries Fair in 1937, where the Crown Ducal display of Foxglove and Wisteria impressed the trade and royalty.

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Most recent post on late 1930s backstamp styles and the definitve test??? for if that Rhead item was made while Charlotte was still working for Richardsons or not. Prove me wrong!

The backstamp pages on this website have been culled. Over the years with more observations they have become obsolete and error strewn. Please refer to the blog for more detailed analysis of the Crown Ducal backstamps.